Warm air heater NL-A BW (condensing technology)

Benefits of the condensing technology:

  • High efficiencies (up to 106%)
  • Significant heating cost reduction
  • Energy-optimized heating / ventilation function for modern halls
  • Heating medium: Natural gas, LPG or lowsulphur fuel oil

The warm air heater NL-A BW uses the "contained" residual heat of the condensate and leads it to the room. The heating system only supplies the currently needed heat to the building . This is enabled by modulating burners and microprocessor controllers.

Due to the condensing technology, our warm air heaters are equipped with condensate-proof stainless steel combustion units.

Constant, low supply temperatures, which are permanently monitored and regulated, ensure an improved indoor climate and avoid temperature stratification across the entire hall height.

The transmission heat losses are reduced by the lower supply temperatures also.

An optimal air distribution over the entire hall floor area is guaranteed as well.