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nordluft's mission

Welcome to nordluft, the leading producer in terms of directly heated warm air and ventilation systems!

What does nordluft actually do?

Managing Director Walter Kampers answers this question always confidently with the words: "Everything you can do with air!"

We have listed the most important points for you below:

Heating: nordluft is the leading manufacturer of direct-fired warm air heaters for hall heating systems.

  • State-of-the-art technology: condensing technology with efficiencies of up to 106% or condensate-free operation with gas or oil
  • Ecological: Use of renewable energies = woodchips, solar, heat pumps
  • Flexible for any application: as a suspended, stationary or horizontal device with individually adjustable exhaust gas path
  • For every air distribution: As convection heating or for connection to a ventilation duct system
  • For every user: hall heating, church heating, residential heating, process technology or direct-fired ventilation systems
  • Wide temperature range: temperature increases up to 250 K, high temperature, or low temperature applications for modern halls
  • Clean: use of filters
  • Comfortable: low air velocities in the occupied area and a very good temperature distribution without temperature stratification by ceiling fans
  • Various heating techniques: warm air heaters, compact air heaters, gas heaters, direct-fired ventilation systems, PWW air heaters, dark radiant heaters
  • Energy-saving: Air-curtains reduce the heat losses created by open gates/doors
  • Safe: Assembly and maintenance by our own service team

Ventilation: nordluft is a supplier of compact ventilation systems

  • Compact ventilation systems for connection to a ventilation duct system or with a direct blow-out by the use of our "wirbelwind" systems
  • Heating or cooling with electricity and water
  • Planning, installation, maintenance and cleaning of ventilation systems
  • Installation of heating coils in ventilation systems
  • Injection of energy-efficient adiabatically cooled air in halls
  • Machines air extraction
  • Welding smoke extraction
  • Regional plant manufacturer

Filtering: nordluft is a supplier of filter technology

  • Distribution of replacement filters of various grades and dimensions
  • Different filters: pocket filter, panel filter, cassette filter, activated carbon filter, filter fleece
  • Air purification for industry and commerce
  • Construction of customized duct filters
  • Insulated filter housings
  • Filter walls for e.g. workplace air extraction or paint booths

Process heat: nordluft is a manufacturer of directly heated combustion units

  • Individual construction of heating coils with air temperatures > 300 °C possible
  • Combustion units up to 2 MW possible
  • For painting plants, powder burning ovens, circulating air furnaces, drying plants
  • Burner technology with forced air burners or surface burners
  • Exhaust gas heat exchanger for heat transfer of high temperatures, easy to clean and suitable for aggressive or heavily polluted media with individual construction.
  • Direct-fired process combustion chambers, e.g. for drying plants, 100% efficiency, exhaust gas is directed into the process air, wide ranges
  • Front panels for retrofitting heating coils in, for example, powder burning ovens
  • All nordluft applications are silicone-free

Planning and production of customized applications

  • Whirl hoods: Process air extraction directly at the point of origion
  • Welding gas extraction / workplace air extraction individually adjustable
  • High temperature systems e.g. for grain drying
  • Mobile direct-fired supply air devices for drying plants
  • Shaft heating through the use of air heaters: several air heaters to ensure the frost-free of the elevator shaft in mines
  • Warm air heaters for corrosive media or high-humidity air made entirely of stainless steel, e.g. for concrete drying

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Future-oriented projects these days are associated with making every digital. To be prepared as best as possible, we invest into several parts of our company to make processes more digital. But only employees who have learned that can handle these changes. Our employees therefore are trained to move with these changes and to handle them in the best way possible. Our project is supported by the initiative "Europa für Niedersaschen" (Europe for Lower Saxony) and the money for that is from the social fund of the European Union.