We are happy to fulfil a significant task

nordluft brings healthy air and warmth into all kinds of halls and big rooms in order to make people feel comfortable, at work, at home and during their free time.

The customer is the most important person in our company

This is why we set ourselves the goal to convince through performance and appearance in a way that our customers recommend us.

The products and solutions to problems offer our customers optimal benefit

All products and services are of highest technical standard best quality. Due to individual advice, planning and manufacturing, they fulfil the individual needs and demands of our customers.

Our largest capital is our staff

Our employees are proud of their company, and nordluft is proud of its employees. With pleasure, they successfully act on behalf of our customers on a daily basis. Doing so, they complete the tasks set in the best way, at the same time acting focussed and responsible. Therefore, each individual contributes to the result.

Benefit for everyone in a future worth living

nordluft is a fair partner. Our competitors are an incitement for us to work harder. We see it as one of our major social obligations to to treat our earth in a responsible and thoughtful way, thus making our living environment a safer place worth living in. Hence nordluft-products contribute to active environmental protection by using power efficiently.