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Social commitment

Companies integrate refugees

In October 2015, nordluft provided two young unaccompanied refugees a three-month internship. Afterwards, both attended a one-year language program at a regional school.

Umar Ali from Pakistan and Tamer Suleiman from Syria have made it. Both did the entry qualification of the job center since February 1, 2017 in our company. Since August 1, 2017, Tamer is also doing his apprenticeship as a "specialist in metal technology". The German Federal Government has already become aware and reports about our programm in an article on its website.

As a result of the successful integration, FOCUS also became aware and interviewed our HR manager Ulla Kampers about the success story "nordluft integrates refugees". You can read the interview in the December issue of the FOCUS Business, whose cover picture shows three members of our nordluft team.

We want to encourage other companies to follow our example. Learn more in a NWZ report on how integration is already successful and what fundings are possible. Ulla Kampers gives you further insights into an interview with "In Arbeit" magazine.

A colleague like everyone else

Markus Wolke found the way to us through an internship. Barely half a year later, he is a permanent member of our nordluft team and no longer indispensable to our team. Through a partnership with the Andreaswerk, the contact was established and after a short time was not only for us firmly: "Markus hast to stay." From stocking pipes for our tube-bundle heat exchangers, to insulating the panelings, to stamping the components, which Markus does, gets one hundred percent.