Competent. Brand-Independent. Prompt Service Nationwide

Installation: At your request, we will install your new device with our highly qualified service employees. That way, you will get the room climate you want as soon as possible.

Adjustment and start-up of all kinds of ventilation systems

Reparation, reinstatement work, spare parts supply and complete device service for warm air systems, ventilation systems etc.

Brand-independent! The entire device service is also offered for external brands, such as e.g. nordklima, KesslerTech, Al-Ko etc.

Highly qualified service employees conduct the work at the plant. That way, there will always be an expert to even do the most difficult tasks.

  • Leak test of the air conditioning system according to DIN EN 12599
  • Energy inspection of cooling plant according to § 12 of the EnEV
  • Certificate of competence according to § 5 ChemKlimaschutzV (Qualification for installation, leak tests, recovery, maintenance of air conditioning systems and heat pumps)
  • Sanitation training according to VDI 6022 category A
  • Sanitation training according to VDI 6022 category B
  • Appropriate installation of fire protection dampers
  • Appropriate use of filter technology
  • Creating air technological solutions

AL-Ko warm air heaters - As a consequence of the takeover of the product field of warm air heaters of the firm Al-Ko, you get all spare parts for Al-Ko warm air heaters (product lines AK, HD etc.) from our company. E.g. heater batteries, thermostats, ventilators, filters, v-belts etc. belong to our assortment. Please do not hestitate to contact us!

Maintenance - All servicings are carried out according to the manufacturer’s standards following the VDMA-Standard 24186 for servicing under the terms of VDI-Standard 6022 (hygiene).

Filter -  For all requirements concerning air condition, ventilation, warm air systems as well as paint shops etc. filter mediums are offered. A large stock ensures quick and reliable deliverance.

Fire dampers - Our service technicians are well-informed and specifically trained for the recurring inspections (maintenance) of fire dampers and similar component parts.

Maintenance heat generators / maintenance industrial heater

For maintenance works at every kind of industrial heater, our qualified service employees will be there for you. Contact us and get ready for the next heating period!