Drying hops by warm air heaters

Energy and performance optimized hop drying

nordluft uses powerful fans for the hop drying process, which enable an increase in the dumping height and throughput. The high pressure stability resulting thereby allows earlier tilting for faster drying cycles. The heating output of the used warm air heater is adapted to the higher power of the fans during the drying process, which leads to an optimized drying performance. The large heat exchanger surfaces of the nordluft tube bundle heat exchangers guarantee low exhaust gas losses. The use of modulating burners enables the operation in the condensation range. The compact construction makes a retrofit of high-performance air heaters in existing systems for hop drying possible.

Specification of the hop drying process:

  • Heat output: 400 – 2.000 kW
  • Oast-area: approx. 12 – 60 m²
  • Steady frame construction
  • 60 mm housing insulation
  • Reinforced internal structure of the devices
  • Compact construction (Installation in existing systems is possible)
  • Stainless-steal combustion chamber

Benefits of nordluft warm air heaters for hop drying

  • Direct fired warm air heater
  • High-pressure fans for more dumping height and throughput
  • Tremendous pressure stability for earlier tipping and faster drying cycles
  • Heating ouput is adapted to the increased fan power
  • Large heat exchanger surfaces guarantee low exhaust gas losses
  • Condensate drain allows the use of modulating gas burners
  • Compact design allows the installation in existing facilities