Warm air heaters for coating- and drying halls


Heating and ventilation of 3 paint and dry halls by using direct fired warm air heaters. Since large components such as hulls are treated and painted in these halls, a ventilation technology installed in those buildings conventionally could not be used here. In each case, the entire hall was to be heated or ventilated as a paint shop. Dimensions of each hall: L=54m x W=40m x H=19m

nordluft's solutions:

nordluft has developed a specially tailored ventilation concept: each hall is heated and ventilated by only two directly heated and silicone-free warm air heaters. The focus is on the gas-fired combustion chambers, the special fans with drive motors outside the airflow, and the recuperative heat recovery. Recuperative heat recovery through high performance plate heat exchanger (with bypass) guarantees enormous energy savings. Due to the high system pressures, these were used in a special version (multiple plating, extreme tightness, high pressure stability, no condensation pockets, no non-ventilated zones). Thereby, the share of "gas-fired" heating capacity could be reduced by a substantial proportion.

The air is distributed via a central supply air duct with jet nozzles. The exhaust air collection is carried out by exhaust air filter cabinets developed by nordluft. They enable, thanks to their special door system, zoned exhaust air capture with higher amounts of air that can be gained.


  • 6 Combined supply / exhaust units NL-A 250 St-By
  • Spray booth design
  • Air rate per unit: 40.000 m³/h
  • Heat output per unit: 230 kW
  • Heat recovery per unit: 390 kW
  • Modulating gas burners
  • 12 exhaust air filter cabinets with door system
  • Temperature control with flexible zone adjustment