Air curtain TLS-IV

Air curtain TLS-IV

  • Airflow-optimised, quiet, smart and compact design air curtain
  • Adjustable fan to individual requirements
  • Suitable for damp areas (IP 44)
  • Maintenance free
  • Pure aerodynamic isolation
  • high energy performance
  • Fast and smooth movement of goods by minimizing downtimes
  • Increased comfort due to uniform temperature level in the building

Solution for thermal gate problems

On cold winter days, people who are in charge of buildings or halls tend to keep the gates closed as much as possible. Because of the temperature difference between the inside and outside, a lot of cold air comes into the building whenever the gates are opened. This sudden flow of cold air is perceived as uncomfortable and annoying by the workers. Furthermore, the heating system needs to work more which lets the heating cost rise up rather quickly. Another problem that arises with closing and opening the gates is the stillstand for goods traffic. The solution to those problems is the air curtain made by nordluft!

With our air curtain, you create a temperature barrier that keeps the warm air inside and the cold air outside. Energy losses are therefore reduced to a minimum which also lowers the cost for heating. The money you invest for the air curtain is made up for rather quickly by the savings you make in the long-term.

If you want to know more about our design for the air curtains, please contact our sales staff.

Many installation variants

The air curtain TLS-IV can be installed horizontally or vertically. We consider your building and gate situation and then come up with a concept that is perfect for your requirements. There is one thing that all of our concepts have in common, alle of them are here to separate warm inside air from cold external air.


Situation 1:

Open gate and not air curtain

The difference in pressure causes the cold external air (blue) to move inside the building and to push the warm inside air (red) to the ceiling.

Situation 2:

Open gate and turned-on air curtain

The previously described process in situation 1 is prevented. Important for that is the correct air velocity. If the air speed is too high, cold air can get in due to air circulations. On the other hand, if the velocity is too low, it is not possible to create a proper barrier since the air curtain cannot rach the floor.