Air heater - Areo (water/steam)

Areo air-heater

Air-heater for PWW-, PHW- and steam operation:

  • Wall- or ceiling installation
  • High performance copper-aluminum heat exchanger
  • Housing made of painted sheet steel
  • Low noise axial fan
  • Rear panel with optimized inlet nozzles
  • Low noise electric motor
  • Mounting tabs on the back of the device
  • Individually adjustable slats for long throw distances
  • Size 1 + 2: Motors 230 volts
  • Size 3 – 6: Motors 400 volts

The AREO is equipped with a maintenance-free AC / AC motor which drives an axial fan equipped with low-noise fan blades. To achieve an optimum heat transfer, the Areo air heater uses a copper / aluminum high-performance heat exchanger. The air is heated by the media warm water, hot water or steam. Individually adjustable aluminum fins ensure long throw distances and optimal heat distribution.

Air heater example of use

The AREO can be installed either wall or ceiling mounted. In the ceiling installation, the fresh air intake takes place via a roof hood. Then the necessary air is passed through a mixing chamber for fresh / recirculation mode, which is closed by a shutter flap. Subsequently, filter elements with pocket air filters can be installed. The AREO air heater is then connected to the device connector including an inspection cover.