Gas - garage heater GasaTherm

The right decision: gas-fired warm air heaters

nordluft GasaTherm warm air heaters can be used flexibly and adapt perfectly to the respective requirements. Possible application sites are workshops and showrooms, gyms, logistics offices and much more. The wide range of applications results from the large selection of partially modulating and fully modulating warm air heaters with condensing technology in various sizes. This means that you will find the right solution for your requirements.

Benefits of the warm air heaters

  • Efficiency: 94 - 106 %. 
  • Heating capacity from 4,2 - 96,8 kW
  • heating medium: natural - liquid gas
  • low noise level
  • fully automatic electronic ignition
  • stainless steel premix burner
  • incl. modulation controller with time program
  • control of up to eight units with one thermostat
  • Modbus control option
  • summer ventilation
  • fast heating of the room and effective heat distribution
  • variable air flow, also vertical
  • easy to install and maintain
  • modern design

nordluft GasaTherm warm air heaters are perfectly designed for use in garages or similar buildings. The special shape of the heat exchanger emits the supply air at a differentiated temperature: a cooler layer of air keeps the warm air close to the floor, thus optimizing air distribution and increasing the range of throw. The proven safety and reliability of our warm air heaters is guaranteed by a combustion process without welds and therefore without mechanical stress. The multi-gas premix burner used offers higher efficiencies and significant reductions in NOx formation with minimal maintenance. The application possibilities of the workshop heater are flexible. You can choose your suitable solution from partly modulationg to fully modulating condensing heaters. We will be happy to advise you on the selection and installation options of the right device and the necessary accessories.

GasaTherm H - condensing heater

Energy efficiency at the highest level through the use of condensing technology: use of exhaust gas heat by condensation for an efficiency of up to 106 %. This allows energy savings of up to 25% compared to conventional heaters.

  • Burner: modulating (20 - 100%), 
  • stepless fan (60 - 100%)
  • Efficiency up to 106% (condensing)
  • heating capacity in six sizes (4.2 - 96.8 kW)
  • incl. modulation controller with time program

GasaTherm R+

The compact and flexible solution for quick and economical installation on walls and ceilings.

  • modulating premix burner and fan
  • Efficiency up to 94% (non-condensing)
  • heating capacity in five sizes (13,2 - 61,2kW)
  • incl. modulation controller with time program

Efficient heating method - floor heating effect

Thanks to an innovative supply air concept, the GasaTherm heating system transfers the warm air exactly where it is needed: to the floor - and not under the ceiling. Air intake is optimized by supply air temperature layering. Combined with increased air volumes, the warm air heaters achieve increased throw distances, improved air distribution and maximum efficiency.
Your advantage: Reduction of the required heating power and increase of throw distances.