Heat recirculation / Ceiling fans

Heat-recircualtion / Ceiling-fans

  • Save up to 30% heating costs
  • For existing or new buildings
  • Industrial and commercial buildings
  • Fast and easy way to reduce heating costs
  • Heat cushion under the roof will be returned to the common area
  • Uniform air distribution and temperature compensation in all areas of the room
  • Energy-saving engines for high performances
  • Wings optimized for long throw distances
  • Easy and fast installation


  • Hot under the ceiling - cold on the floor
  • In order to obtain the desired temperature on the ground, further energy must be consumed, even though the ceiling area has already reached 26 ° C.
  • The high temperature in the ceiling area leads to correspondingly high energy losses (transmission)
  • cold areas
  • Certain areas in the hall do not get warm properly even after longer periods of heating


  • Temperature balance
  • Our industrial ceiling fans distribute the heat effectively and gently in the room.
  • In the example mentioned above the temperature ont the floor increases by five degrees and leads to ernergy costs savings of 30 %.
  • Less transmission losses
  • With an outside temperature of 0 °C and a temperature reduction in the ceiling area from 31 °C to 22 °C, the transmission loss is reduced by 32%.
  • The entire living area is now heated quickly and evenly and heating times are reduced.