Heating-system Eco-Comfort (Gas/Oil/Air-Air-heat-pumps)

Heating-system EcoComfort

The innovative warm air and ventilation system with heat pump support.

With EcoKomfort, you meet 100% of the requirements of the latest laws for the use of environmental heat. The system is made up of several modules: 

  • Direct heated warm-air and ventilation system 
  • Heat-pump-module
  • Control unit / control cabinet
  • Other accessories such as silencers, filters etc. 

 Benefits of the EcoComfort

  • Efficient heating (Heat supply in the base load by efficiency (CoP)-optimized heat pump and directly heated ventilation module in peak load)
  • Legally compliant plant concepts with high energy-saving potential
  • User solution with a low total investment
  • Integrated additional functions (continuous ventilation, filtering, silencers, etc.)
  • Demand-optimized energy supply and operational safety (e.g. free night cooling by fresh air) 
  • High working comfort and increased productivity (optimal cooling function)
  • Additional benefit: Ventilation function, minimum temperature fluctuations due to continuous ventilation