Warm air heater Inverso

Inverso - heating with style

Inverso, the technology turned upside down: from square to round, from the floor to the ceiling and also highly efficient! The newly developed nordluft-heating system combines highly efficient technology with modern design. The heating system adapts to your new building not only technically but also visually. Due to the type of installation you can use your entire hall space.

The high efficient parts combined with the the condensing technology results in energy savings. The Inverso's air-ejection unit ensures optimal air distribution by its adjustable wings, which are pre-adjusted to the respective hall. As an additional improvement, an LED light strip informs about the current status of the heating systems constantly.

Learn more at the Microsite specially developed for the Inverso. 


ErP2020 - implemented in a modern way

The directive 2009/125/EC of the European Parliament and of the Council of 21 October 2009 establishing a framework for the setting of ecodesign requirements for energy-related products. In two stages, as of January 1st, 2018 and January 1st, 2020, this directive will be enforced for warm air heaters. The main focus is on CO2 emissions and product efficiencies. This will also benefit you as a customer because this directive reduces the operating costs of the heating systems. The Inverso already exceeds the claimed requirements of this directive for the year 2020. The Inverso presents the latest technology in an appealing design. 

Benefits of the Inverso

  • Technology in connection with design
  • Condensing technology: up to 106% efficiency
  • Integrated heat recirculationSignificantly reduced operating costs
  • Heat output: 25 - 80 kW
  • Air performance: 8.800 m³/h
  • Premium gas burner, modulating
  • EC-axial fan: 1,0 kW / 1,7 A / 230 V
  • Ceiling installation
  • Remote control via digi-touch panel
  • In compliance with ErP2020