Warm air heater NL-A standrad (stationary)

Warm air heater NL-A:

Directly heated warm air heaters are still one of the most economically and effiecient heating systems that can be used in large buildings of all kinds. Warm air heaters ensure an even and pleasant air temperature in the heated buildings.

The high-performance warm-air all-rounder especially for small to medium-sized halls: high heating capacity, high Delta-T, direct air supply or with duct systems.

Excellent design features for housings, combustion units and accessories: 

  • Efficiencies from 92% up to 105% with condensing technology
  • Heating capacities from 20-600 kW (optional up to 1,500 kW)
  • Combustion chamber made of stainless steel
  • High heat and sound insulation through double-walled, insulated panels
  • Four-way combination controller and controll box mounted and wired
  • Burner plate pre-drilled and mounted

The combustion unit is the heart of every warm air heater. The combustion chamber is made of highly heat-resistant stainless steel and on request, the tube bundle heat exchanger can also be entirely made of stainless steel.