Adiabatic cooling NL-VK

Summer freshness for your halls - inexpensive and environmentally friendly through evaporative cooling

Production machines, ovens etc. generate high heat loads in hall buildings. Room temperatures of over 30 °C are quickly reached, making it difficult for employees to concentrate and work productively. But even in warehouses and logistics halls, a temperature level is quickly reached in the summer months, which makes work more difficult.

The nordluft NL-VK is a highly efficient and effective solution, providing fresh and cool air in a natural way. While the warm outside air flows through the moistened cooling combs, the water absorbs the heat from the air and cools it significantly (evaporative cooling / adiabatic cooling). 30 °C warm air can thus be cooled down by up to 10 °C. The warmer and drier the air, the more efficient the system works. And the costs of evaporative cooling are up to 85% lower than with conventional air conditioning, with significantly lower investment costs at the same time. The Molier h-x diagram in the gallery illustrates the relationship between the supply air temperature and the heat and humidity of the outside air. It is assumed, for example, that the outside temperature will be 32 °C and the relative humidity 40 %. Under these conditions, a supply air temperature of 22.8 °C can be achieved. Evaporative cooling works without coolant and is therefore environmentally friendly. The systems supply 100% fresh outside air and thus increase the air quality in the buildings.

The advantages of evaporative cooling at a glance:

  • Significantly lower investment costs in comparison with conventional air conditioning
  • The system provides 100 % fresh outside air
  • Evaporative cooling works without coolant
  • Can be used in production halls and warehouses, shopping malls or exhibition halls, etc.