Air curtains

Problem of doors and gates:

Due to the difference between the room temperature and the outside temperature, there are two air masses in different densities. As a result, the lighter, warm room air flows outwards in the upper door / gate area and the cold outside air flows inwards in the floor area.

The solution is provided by the TLS air curtains from nordluft.

They create an effective temperature barrier (air curtain) and keep the cold air outside and the warm air inside.

Energy losses through open doors are reduced to a minimum, which saves costs and amortizes the already low investment costs in the shortest time possible.

For the exact design of our air curtains, please contact our sales staff.

Air-curtains TLS

  • Industrial gates with a height up to 5 m
  • Housing made of galvanized sheet steel, powder-coated including slats
  • Direct driven centrifugal fan
  • Energy savings up to 30%
  • Low investment costs due to simple and quick installation
  • Fast amortization
  • Comfort gain due to an even temperature level in the building
  • Low maintaenace effort
  • Fast and smooth goods traffic by minimizing downtime at the gates
  • The air curtains do not require a heating medium (electric, hot water)