Air handling unit/air conditioning system (gas, oil, PWW)

Air handling units/air conditioning systems (ACS)

Air handling units/ACS with their module construction can be equipped fast and easy with directly heated heating coils that are made by nordluft. Directly heated ventilation systems are still the most profitable heating system for every kind of hall or building. nordluft is your partner when it comes to usage areas that include production halls, convention halls, event and storage halls. Heating coils from the NL, NL-BY as well as NL-K series provide you with heating performances between 20-1.850 kW and air masses of 20.000-150.000m³/h and are therefore usable in all kinds of ventilation systems.

Features of NL heating coils for air handling units

  • target group: commercial construction
  • important usage areas: production halls, convention halls, event and storage halls
  • air masses. 20.000-150.000m³/h
  • direct air heating with gas/oil = cheap investment
  • no intermediate medium PWW/PHW/steam required
  • low operational and follow-up costs
  • fulfilment of the requirements: VDI, EN, DIN, EnEV, ASR, technical rules