Fresh air to achieve full power!

Fresh air is important to feel comfortable and to perform as best as you can. Especially during sports, the CO2 concentration in rooms rises to a point where the performance and comfort are limited. By having a controlled ventilation concept, you can make sure your customers can use 100% of their power during practice.At the same time, you provide for an optimized air hygiene by exchanging the air constantly.

  • significant reduction of pollutants
  • increase in performance and concentration
  • increase in air hygiene through germ reduction
  • reduction of health issues and infection risks
  • allergy-friendly integrated filter modules (fine dust, pollen, spores)
  • energy balance in the whole building is improved through efficient heat recovery and a heat loss reduction

You can now read about the difference between a centralized and a decentralized ventilation system and how nordluft's solutions can help you create an optimzed room climate.

Centralized ventilation system

  • installation in a centralized room (e.g. heating or technical room)
  • air distribution via individual systems
  • ideal for equipping multiple rooms

Decentralized ventilation system

  • installation in the room that need to be ventilated
  • easy, fast and flexible installation (outside wall or roof)
  • ideal for equipping singular rooms

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