Decentralized Air handling unit NL-WS

Decentralized air handling unit with highly efficient heat recovery

The NL-WS provides for a comfortable and healthy air exchange in schools, common areas, kindergartens, gyms, etc. while using small amounts of energy.

The device can be installed easily by doing the following steps:

Installation of the wall bracket, create openings for fresh and exhaust air, installation of fresh air and exhaust air tube, attaching the device at the wall bracket, establish voltage supply and connect the remote with the decentralized air handling unit.

Multiple devices in bigger rooms can be controller by using the Master-Slave-Control. Optional accessories like CO2 -sensor, hygrostat or motion sensor can be used to optimize the performance adjustment of the air handling unit.

Benefits with the NL-WS:

  • significant emission reduction in the room (VOC, CO2, etc.)
  • improvement of the energy balance of the building
  • allergy friendly F5 and F-7 filter (fine dust, pollen, spores)
  • ability to concentrate increases and risks for health issues are reduced

Usually, the air handling unit is installed at the wall or at the ceiling. With this, the Coanda effect is being applied and the air is poperly distrubuted in the room before it descends. The newly supplied air has more time to mix with the air that is already in the room and exhaust air is avoided.

The NL-WS series can also be installed on suspended ceilings. That way, only a small part of decentralized air handling unit is visible.