Ventilation done right during the pandemic

A big part in the current discussion regarding the pandemic are the room ventilation devices and operators of those devices are unsure what they can do right now. In this part, we want to give you an overview and want to offer our aid if needed.

The main question first of all is which ventilation is currently installed in your room.

Situation 1: air conditioning system in purely operating in circulating air

When a lot of people are in the room, virus concentration is increasing. When your device is operating in circulating air, the infection risk gets higher.

Options of action*:

Avoid operation in circulating air and replace the polluted air with fresh outside air. If that is not possible, we recommend switching to different measures like HEPA filter.

Situation 2: natural ventilation without an air conditioning system

The supply of fresh outside air for the room is very beneficial. A high infection risk can remain if the exchange cannot be maintained for a longer time.

Options of action*:

Supply as much fresh air to the room as possible. Increase the ventilation intervals. You can also check the outside air rate and, if necessary, increase it by using a mechnical ventilation system.

Situation 3: mechanical ventilation through air conditioning system

A controlled mechnical ventilation reduces the infection risk by providing an ongoing exchange between inside and outside air.

Options of action*:

If this is the case, you should analyse your concept and adapt it if necessary.

If this is the case, you should analyse your concept and adapt it if necessary.

On top of that, several associations gave some more advice on how to handle the current situation, e.g. increase maintenance of the ventilation devices, upgrading the HEPA filters. For more detailed information and support on your individual concept, you can always call us and we will be happy to help you!

*The options of action are based on the recommendations of the VDI-Gesellschaft Bauen und Gebäudetechnik as well as the Bundesverband Technische Gebäuderüstung.